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What's the current situation of Shenzhen Electronic Markets under coronavirus?

March 27 , 2020 19:48 PM 492 0
As coronavirus is quickly outbreaks around the world, the situation is getting more and more severe.

In China, it is already controlled and everything is getting back to normal. People do not need to be in quarantine. However, the temperature still has to be taken once entering any building and move track needs to be checked.

Here in Shenzhen, Huaqiangbei is also gradually recovering. More and more people are back to work.

Some electronic parts markets in Shenzhen delayed the opening till April 8th. The majority of Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Nokia, OPPO spare parts are available. Some models are still out of stock. Markets for phone accessories are still closed.

Since the whole world are suffering, the export of #phonerepairparts is being heavily hitted. Flights sharply reduce worldwhile which leads to the shipping expresses delay.
The ecomonic inevitably takes a terrible hitting.

Hopefully we all could fight together and have things get back to normal.



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